Promoting tennis at Owls in the Park (a football driven event) might sound a little strange at first, but bear with us - there's method in our madness.

Not least, because the courts at Hillsborough are a mere hop skip and jump from Sheffield Wednesday's ground. But also, tennis and football are closer bedfellows than you might expect.

It's common knowledge that Rafael Nadal could have made it as a professional footballer and here's a little clip of Britain's own Heather Watson, showing he might not have been the only one.

Cheeky warm-up ⚽️

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If you or your child are a keen footballer, you will already have the building blocks of agility, balance and co-ordination in place. These fundamentals are key to succeed in any sport. But football and tennis also share sending and receiving skills  and rely on great footwork and spatial awareness.

Do you want to see if that's really the case? Then Owls in the Park might be the perfect opportunity, with the tennis courts open to all with inflatables – fastest serve, volley cage and hit your mark. So put Sunday 17th July in your diary and come down with your mates to see who can earn bragging rights! 

You might well find you get the tennis bug, and if you really want to get better, come and enjoy our low-cost coaching from qualified LTA coaches at a park near you.